#WDIIA & Friday Reflections ~ 4/10/20

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Hi everybody, said in my Dr. Nick Riviera from Simpson’s voice over voice.  Time for #WDIIA and Friday Reflections. Our boss released us early today to get a jump start on Easter weekend.  In such a diplomatic way he let us know he cared.  Borrowing his words … “Today is a Good Friday, and although this is not intended to bring faith into a work email, I’d say it’s a Good Friday for many reasons”

Such a genuine guy y’all.  I hit the jackpot with supervisors. After sharing some additional pearls, he told us to close up shop by 1:00 our time zone.  Joking about maybe that meant throwing a blanket over the laptop.  See how easy things have become?  No commute, no fuss, no muss. 

I used my early out to organize photos.  I took the following in the gallery below to show that essential services/road work continues AND how B deals with stay at home orders.  He can’t sit still y’all.  I still cannot believe he cleared all that brush along the fence line by hand.  And no I’m not married to Grizzly Adams.  HeHe!!  No trips to the barber has created a ZZ Top beard… well almost.  

For the reflections part I share Ghosts of Good Fridays past which would find us at living Stations of the Cross at San Jose Mission.  And as a kid growing up, we’d be at Port Aransas.  Stations of the Cross at St. Joseph’s where we’d be wearing shorts and tee shirts.  The ability to go to church in play clothes because we were at the beach was freeing.  This was way back in the day where girls could not wear pants and no one could wear jeans.  The years of having to wear Sunday best to church no matter what.  The Sunday services always included an Easter Egg hunt afterwards. Fun times!! If we weren’t at the coast, we’d go to Lake Travis.  In all cases, we made Easter weekend a HUGE thing!  

Needless to say, this year is different.  We’re in for the count.  Together / Apart and all that jazz.  And truth be told, we had toned down the celebrations in recent history already anyway.  All for the reason that less commercialized is more.  Still something about our choice to dial it back versus covid-19’s choice is a distinction.  Yet I’m starting to realize that some outcomes of this forced restriction are not a bad thing.

As always, more to come.




4 thoughts on “#WDIIA & Friday Reflections ~ 4/10/20

  1. I just learned about 10 years ago what a doobie was! I realized the Doobie Bros., a band I loved, especially with Michael McDonald. was named after pot. Haaaa,haaa!

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