I is for Incredible ~ 4/10/20

Webster’s says incredible is an adjective that means too strange or unlikely to be believed. In our current state of affairs, incredible fits. The pandemic is incredible in more ways than I can count. We’re existing in a dream like quality pretending everything is okay.

Actually the reactions of folks varies widely. Sort of seems like we’re in different stages of grief but make no mistake of it, we’re all in crisis. This realization has me completely gobsmacked 😶. Is this the purge?

Still in small wordless moments I look for silver linings. I’m still laughing and telling stories. In some ways, I’m awed and amazed. Things are incredible yes but not always in a bad way.

From the Dub family to yours, wishing everyone a peaceful Easter weekend in our new normal. Stay safe and healthy. Don’t be a corvidiot.

As always more to come.