H is the Healthy Points ~ 4/9/20

At work we get healthy points for completing challenges.  Once you earn 500 points, you get a shirt.

For 1500 you get a 2% discount off health insurance premiums and for 2000 points you get a 5% discount off health insurance premiums.  I’m at @ 1310 points on the road to 2k!

There was a step challenge that ran from January 6 until March 29.  You needed to walk 50K steps in 7 days (Monday to Sunday) to earn 15 points per week.  And I did it y’all!!  I was obsessed!!!   Had my iPhone set to track for me automatically.   Even during Spring Break and first of the “work from home” weeks, I stayed the course.  Religiously!!!!!

Now that the challenge is over, I am seriously slacking.  I needed 7200 steps a day to make my goal.  I am tracking about 1/2 that with only one day at about 6000. The steps have nowhere to go anyway.  Who cares?

Me!!! I do!!!  I swear!!!!

Of course I am not carrying my phone around 24/7 anymore either.  Maybe things are not that bad?  Maybe I am still getting 50K steps in a week?

Here’s our silly convo as we walked around our place:

Me: “Hey, I don’t have my phone so these steps don’t really count” 

B laughing: “They still count.  Or are these “fake” as opposed to “real” steps?”

Me: “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it still make a sound?”  

B: “Yes.  I mean no. I mean who knows?  We’re not there to hear it.  Okay, no.  Final answer.  And steps are not trees”

I need another carrot y’all.  One that will stick around.  Get it??   … A carrot and stick? … walking into a bar …

What?  Funny?  Not funny?  Okay I won’t quit my work from home day job.

As always, more to come.