G is for Genuine ~ 4/8/20

I say things like “real” as opposed to “fake” often y’all.


Well I am easily amused and I think that little quip is funny.  People use not real for things that are REAL and in those instances saying “real” as opposed to “fake” brings context.

Being real is the equivalent of being genuine in my opinion.  Or close enough.  Like in close but no cigar.  Okay folks, you decide.

Back to task, my genuine story follows.

Back in the day, I was the workflow coordinator for Underwriting.  I had to send a weekly workload status email every Wednesday.  For morale purposes, I’d include a little nugget of gold.  More specifically I’d always start the email with:

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and this Wednesday is another day in paradise.

And I meant EVERY word in my Eeyore way.

Fast forward to 2011-ish.  We had just got Skype IM at work.  We had and still have the ability to add a tag line.  I picked “Another day in paradise”.  This was shorthand for memory sake because of my coordinator days.  One of my co-workers, after seeing those words every time she pinged me, pulled me aside and asked me to take it down.  Why? She said it sounded fake and disingenuous.  She continued “You know as well as I do that our jobs are anything BUT paradise”.

I didn’t push back.  I instead acquiesced and removed my note.  Then about a week later, thinking better of it, I re-added “Another day in paradise from the bottom of my heart”.  Ha!  I decided I could not be responsible for how someone else interpreted my note.  I had to be my true self.  And perhaps we were not paradise but my reaction to work certainly made the job seem like the promised land.  #4reels #youbeyou #genuinegradeleather

LOL!! No idea why I threw that last hashtag in there.  Is that even a thing anymore?

As always, more to come.

13 thoughts on “G is for Genuine ~ 4/8/20

  1. Saw you left a like on my blog. Thank you! On Wednesday I am often just on the computer to link. so you’re lucky:) Somehow your face seems familiar … Like you approached this subject. To me, real is genuine, but I also add, the truth (truth in in my view/opinion)
    .Am a big stickler for truth. If someone thinks it’s the truth, but it isn’t, I consider that person does not know the truth, or made a mistake. Fake is (to me) pretending,
    I never did a hashtag, because I still have skirted away from Twitter..Great to have met you via on-liner!

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  2. I looked it up, and apparently when you label something “genuine leather” it’s a sign that it isn’t. “Fine grain leather” is, however.

    You know, what that coworker said was out of line. Adding the disclaimer phrase was probably a good idea.

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