E is for Entertainment ~ 4/6/20

This post was going to be completely different before COVID.  Now I am suffering from writer’s block.  Kicking myself for not getting started sooner to have written while I was still able to have a cohesive thought.

Hardy har har! I hear you in the back.  You can quit laughing.  I was once upon a time more cohesive in my disordered thinking.  Now I am depressed and searching for meaning in the everyday.  Looking for a source of entertainment.

I’ll keep it short, sweet, and real y’all.

Never has our entertainment choices been so abundant and so lacking all at the same time.  What passes for entertainment these days in truly incredible.  Tiger King … hear of it?  Oh lort!!  Lest we not forget all the other trash TV. Since one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure I’ll stop here before naming names.  Entertainment lies in the eye of the  beholder I guess.

I find that I prefer a live stage play, concert, or stroll through a museum to TV or movie.  I used to enjoy reading but lately I just cannot retain the words on the page.  I have to read and re-read a sentence usually going huh? at the end before giving up and putting the book down.  I’ve lost my patience for reading.  Wonder where that came from?  Any guesses??

Anyway, I will never again take for granted the ability to go out and about to experience the arts in public as God (or higher power of choice) intended.  :).  At least I sure hope I never forget because sometimes after great tragedy memories fade.  We become complacent and never ever expect the shit show to happen again.   Time heals all wounds or something like that.

As always, more to come.