Sunday 🐏blings & #WDIIA ~ 4/5/20

Let’s keep in touch!

I learned an almost new word yesterday thanks to my pal Joey. She used the word covidiot in a comment back to me.  I say almost new word since covidiot is not yet part of Merriam Webster’s but it should be when this is all said and done.  Let’s define covidiot as someone ignoring the warnings/stay orders/shelter in place while hoarding toilet paper and/or food. 

We can start a new game like Jeff Foxworthy’s you must be a redneck!

You must be a covidiot if …

  • You’re still partying in person with extended family and friends.
  • You’re not wearing a mask when you go out in public.
  • You’re not staying at least six feet apart.
  • You’re wearing gloves to cross contaminate everything at HEB.
  • You’re bringing your kids to HEB.  Their management has asked nicely not to do that!
  • You’re not staying the hell home when you’re non essential.  I could give a rat’s ass if you’re bored.  We’re all fucking bored!!

Being non essential is okay.  We all draw our lot in life.  If you’re not essential.  Get over it!  I read if 90% had stayed put this would have ended in April.  At 70%, we could end this in May.  We’re at 50%.  Pitiful shame!!!

I wish I could still link the blog with FB.  I whined over there earlier today and got some much needed comfort.  We’re safe.  That’s the main thing.  This to shall pass and power to the people. Oh and six feet back muthafucker.

As always, more to come.

P.S. HEB is the local grocery chain in San Antonio Texas and surrounding cities.  They made the national news for their preparedness before and throughout this crisis.  Everyone loves HEB.  Like family even before this thing all started.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 🐏blings & #WDIIA ~ 4/5/20

  1. HEB is like Publix is here. Frank was going to go yesterday and I told him it might be less busy tomorrow. It agreed. We have masks and gloves and he will go and I will stay home. Next time I might go and he stay home.

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