#WDIIA ~ 4/2/20

Let’s Keep In Touch!

I blinked and today is Thursday.  I am logging in to work later and staying on later while rarely moving from one space during the day.  When I went into the office, I arrived at 6 am to walk before logging in at 7 am.  I almost always ended my day by 5 pm.  I did step away from the desk throughout the days too.

This is day four of week four at home.  I have to say it like that to understand why it is really April and not March 93rd.  I know you’ve seen the memes.  I’m not original.  Time has always been a fickle bitch like hope.  Now more so than ever.

Since my steps challenge ended Sunday March 29th, I have really slacked on keeping the pace.  Though I am still amazed I continued during Spring Break vacay and the first two weeks of work from home.  I am a carrot and stick kinda gal.  Challenge ended and so did I.  What a shame!  because I needed the walking for more reasons that I can count.  They say it says two weeks to make a habit and two weeks to break a habit. “They” whoever “they” are may be right.  Means I have another nine or so days to get my butt out there again before my habit is broken.

As always, move to come.

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