#1linerWeds. & #WDIIA ~ 4/1/20

Reading Linda’s one liner made me think of the following lyrics:

Searching for signs of life
But there’s nobody home

Good by Better than Ezra

Off topic, if I could rename my son, he might be Ezra.  Coolest name ever!! 🙂

#WDIIA – Aprils Fool’s Day y’all.  And Jilly be a fool.  Raving lunatic even.   Tiff’s Treats a delivery cookie place came to my door today.  Delivery for one Lulu Belle from her long time boyfriend.  I was scared to open the door.  But I did.  The delivery guy must’ve thought “what the hell lady” as he hung the handle of the gift bag over my index finger.

Six feet back muthafucker.  Want some fire scarecrow?!?!?  LOL :).

Thought bubbles only.  We washed down the counter before and after moving the cookies into a Tupperware tossing all packaging etc, out!  Way the eff out!   Oh an ice cream came with the cookies.  Holy mother of all that is sweet. Corona likes the cold y’all.  I wanted to toss the ice cream out too or hose the damn thing off.

See?  I told ya.  Off the chain.

#1liner Weds. Rules and Ping Back.

Let’s Keep in Touch.

As always, more to come.

A is for Acceptance ~ 4/1/20

Hello Everybody!  This year is nummer drei for mich!  Lulu is taking her second year of German so I asked her how to say ‘number three for me’.  Trying to start with a hook and I failed. If this post had sound effects, they’d be wah wah. Or ba-dum-tis go the drum & cymbals.

Back to acceptance.  I’ll land the plane eventually.  I promise.

She’s home and working virtually.  Finishing up her last coursework.  She was not a candidate for May 2020 graduation anyway with only 116 of 120 necessary hours.  She couldn’t find a four hour class and even if she had, that means a lab which in Corona land is no bueno.  She stayed up until midnight to register for those last two classes yesterday.  The worry around available online classes is gone replaced by what the heck will happen when this is all done?

All around us people are feeling bad for the class of 2020.  Rightfully so since they are missing out on milestone rites of passage.  Actually, she is accepting her situation better than I am.  She says “it is what it is”.  Channeling her PoPo and looking for silver linings.

As always, more to come.