#WDIIA ~ 3/31/20

Let’s Keep in Touch!

I wrote a few days back or maybe a week about B’s mom falling not once but twice.  Well today he comes home with a check.  I had cartoon bug eyes when I saw the amount.  I asked him why? and he said dad insisted he take it because … just because.

I suspect payback for helping them.  Shame that they think they have to pay him to be a good son.  They don’t of course.

That is all. I’m exhausted folks.  We all are I know.  Not just me but the collective us.

See you on the flip side.  Ten-four good buddies.

As always more to come.

7 thoughts on “#WDIIA ~ 3/31/20

  1. Hugs! Sorry you are worn out and dealing with issues. Covid19 is enough who needs the rest of our problems from before? But that is what those blog thingie is for. Sharing the pains along the way. Hope you can find your energy again. 🤗

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