#WDIIA – 3/30/20

Let’s Keep in Touch!

I was verklempt this morning y’all.  Called into a large group teleconference and a co-worker who had been MIA for some weeks now was on the line.  Very glad to hear his voice.  I had asked after him before today but was told nunya (as in none of your business).  I get that y’all,  Truly I do.  But when the person involved tells about himself, there is no violation of HIPPA.

First person I know in real as opposed to fake life who made it to the other side of COVID.  No longer abstract or celebrities I don’t know.  His PSA came through loud and clear to those of us on the call … STAY AT HOME.  We are a financial institution which is technically an essential business but my employer moved almost all 30K of us home.  We can work virtually and even continue customer interaction through the modern miracle of technology.  Some on the call have loved ones who are in essential business without this option and we respect that all situations are not the same.

My co-worker hails from upstate New York.  New York itself is a hot spot #1 I believe.  His area isn’t as bad as Manhattan but still more cases than other places.  Another co-worker on the call who works from home in New Jersey said all their grocery stores are full of cars with NY plates making New Jersey #2.  Both confirmed lots of folks are still ignoring the orders.  Both told us to continue to beat the drums on their PSA of STAY AT HOME.   When you can of course.  Hats off to those on the front lines.  Words are not enough but I will say it any way.  I offer you my sincerest, deepest gratitude.  ❤

As always, more to come.