#WDIIA ~ 3/27/20

Let’s Keep In Touch!

Happened again last night.  My mother in law fell. The tele-med doc says she’s dehydrated.  Catch 22 since drinking more makes her have to get up in the middle of the night.  My oldest said we need to watch her because frequent falls could me something worse.   He remembers my dad, his PoPo falling in the shower, being put in the hospital, and never coming home.  Of course dad was 90 not 76.  This too shall pass.  Praying we do not have round three again tonight.  If my mother in law dies, B’s dad will go with her.  I can’t imagine him continuing on without her.  Very “Notebook” they are …

Otherwise we’re A-okay!  Completed my 2nd week working from home.  Three weeks out of the office though since I took off Spring Break.  Still paranoid about this thing getting me or someone I know.  Eventually they say everyone will know of someone.  Right now I just hear about certain cases that hit the news … a celebrity or a perfectly healthy 31 year old with no underlying conditions.  I’d like some stats on people who Lived to tell the tale through I guess that is not newsworthy.

In my insomniac state last night, I read a share on FB from a doctor in Michigan showing us how to stay safe with groceries or take out.  A huge production. Similar what they do in an operating room to stay sterile.

Toss the cereal box keep the inside package.  Wipe down cans.  Wash fruit (which we already do).  He even went so far as to say leave non perishables in the car for three days to kill everything.  Apparently this corona bastard loves the cold so items in the freezer can have the virus on them for up to two years!!

My BS meter never went off.   I told the fam this morning that I did not care if they thought me crazy, we are doing this!!! Surgical sterile grocery un-packing.  Yeah baby said in the Austin Powers voice over voice.

My oldest simply said “I have three words for you mom …

(1) Google

(2) security

(3) theater”

Ha! well I’d rather have the illusion of security than this feeling of doom.

How about you folks?

As always, more to come.

3 thoughts on “#WDIIA ~ 3/27/20

  1. When they cleaned the cruise ship, they found parts of the virus 17 days later. However, I have not read any documentation that stated whether or not those “virus parts” could actually infect a human. When I read that article, they simply did not know. I guess what I’m getting at is that I agree with your son. Your facebook doctor clearly didn’t read the same information I did if he is telling you to only leave non-perishables in the car for 3 days… it should be at least 18 😉

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