#WDIIA 3/26/20

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Last night we got a call at almost 3am. My mother in law fell out of bed or stumbled going to the bathroom. We’ll never know which. My father in law tried but couldn’t lift her. She’s not big but they’re both a bit feeble. That sounds terrible. I’m sorry. Not sure how else to explain.

B rushed over there and got her back into bed. Today she says she’s sore. Nothing broken but her pride thank goodness. I couldn’t get back to sleep and kept asking B to wash his hands. He said she doesn’t have COVID and for me to simmer down.

I’ve lost it. Paranoid one of the four of us will get sick. Acting like I have it and I’m trying not to spread it. I’m refusing to go to the store. Under the stay order only one person (head of household) should go. That’s not me. B went solo today while I worked remotely. No hoarding here. Meal planned for one week. Same as usual.

I hope everyone is adapting. Like with anything there is good and bad. We’re sure learning about each other. Heard many say true colors are showing. On that front, I’ve seen much more good.

As always more to come.