What Day is it Anyway? #WDIIA 3/21/20

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Well well well what have we here?

Did that sound menacing enough?

Without sound prolly not.

I do that now … more than ever … write like I talk.  I say prolly and y’all and all sorts of southern thangs.


We are adapting too.

Ask me at any given point in the day and I may tell you something different.  I reserve the right to change my mind.  Getting used to the current state of affairs is an ebb and flow situational.

At least my panic is calming down.  I was ever so sure I’d die.  Not of corona mind you but from my other ailments.  When I wrote about my psychological physical ailments being gone, well I was wrong.  The pain is back but I don’t dare seek treatment.

Another thing with the call your physician business.  I don’t have one.  She kicked us all to the curb.  I am SOL.  I sit until I want to scream then I walk it off.  And that walking helps.  I am obsessive about it too.  Very protective of MY time said in my Ray Walston as Mr. Hand voice over voice.

My conversation with B went something like this …

Me: I’m going to walk even if it is drizzling.  I won’t melt.

B: All you need is to get sick,

Me: That’s an old wives tale.

B: Nope, being out in the weather can lower your resistance.

Me: Well I read walking helps with depression and increases your immunities.  I think increased immunities beats lower resistance any time.

B: Go on, you’re gonna do what you want anyway.

Ha! He knows me so well.  I went out and the drizzle was not light.  In fact, I needed windshield wipers for my glasses.  Lol.  So, …  I came back in.  Put my ears buds in and walked dance laps around the house.  I haven’t hit my mark yet but it’s still early.  I have until midnight to reach my goal.  Victory is mine!!

As always, more to come.


11 thoughts on “What Day is it Anyway? #WDIIA 3/21/20

  1. I just read an article that said 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise 3 days a week improves your immune capacity even is you are slightly ill. Heavy exercise that leaves you exhausted reduces immune capacity.

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    1. Good for me then. I definitely don’t do anything heavy. I’m on a seven day a week regime though. That part I might cut back to five days. I’m too consumed.


  2. You are inspiring me to get into walking. I did do lots more today than yesterday. I hope I can increase it to your level before this is all over. My depressive nature needs it a lot! So does the dog. I have every kind of clothes. The rain gear, the snow gear. But somehow over the winter I got homebound and lost all interest in getting outside. Now the sun is shining and I am loving outside!

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    1. I started my walking in August when I changed locations at work. We get points toward a reduction in healthcare premium. That was my original carrot. Now I have changed locations again to home. I have to be more creative here but for two weeks now I didn’t miss a step. I think this helps with depression because I can’t think and walk at the same time or I’d fall. I have to pay attention to my surroundings and that takes my mind away from the bad stuff usually on a loop in my brain.

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