Friday Reflections & #WDIIA 03/20/2020

Ping back to a way to stay connected.

I am vacillating, loop-de-looping, free-falling and the like.

Random thought – March 20, 2020 is three 20’s.

Get it?


Did it help to write it that way?

Has to be lucky right?  We are some lucky duckies aren’t we?

There was a stray dog that hung around the yard back in the day when B worked for his uncles.  They named the dog Lucky.  Uncle Bubbie would always say the name was chosen because the doggie was lucky to be alive.  Well Uncle, truer words haven’t been spoken.

As I sit here reflecting, I have never been more aware of what this pandemic is showing us.  People’s true colors are shining through.  I either tear up with joy or weep with sadness.  I want to be one of the kind people who do good.  I choose to believe there is more good than bad.  Just like Mr. Rogers said, look for the helpers.

On a humorous note, this meme making the rounds on FB cracked me up.  When I get too much into my head, I look at the llama and laugh.


As always, more to come.