Sunday 🐏 blings 3/15/20

I’m sitting in bizarro land as I type this post. Seriously Meredith Grey. I could’ve never predicted this current state of affairs. Guess I’m not as introverted as I thought. I’ve tried reading but can’t retain the words on the page. After rereading the same sentence four times, I put the book down.

I’m trying to keep normalcy. We did our weekly shopping and got everything we needed. We resisted the urge to stockpile. Or actually we had no urge to stockpile. Made the list and stuck to it. I didn’t do my laps though. I’m one step away of breaking my routine. Guess I’ll walk this afternoon. Force myself if I have to.

Things I promise to do to stay my definition of sane:

Set the alarm and wake up at the same time despite no commute.

Resist the urge to stay in my pajamas and instead get dressed.

Take my morning walk in a different setting.

The work parts of my day are mostly virtual meetings anyway. Nothing different. Not really. Though I suspect time will crawl. Warp and wobble as it does on long lazy days. Except I will have something to do.

Nights and weekends are the worst. I want to stay in bed. My comforter is comforting. Who needs a weighted blanket? Maybe we all do?

Looking for that silver lining. This too shall pass. I’ve read about prior breakthroughs that occurred during quarantine. Time might be ripe for something new. Maybe all this has to happen to evolve? Seems like we’ve stepped backwards though.

All I really know for sure is that I need to step away from the Firestick. To be sucked in and lose all track of time is within my reach. Resistance is futile but resistance is all I have. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” – Dylan Thomas

As always more to come.


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