#SoCS for 3/7/20 ~ “figure”

Good morning folks. Time for#SoCS. Our host with the most, the fabulous Linda G Hill writes and I re-write: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “figure.” Use the word “figure” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Hmmm? Think, think, and think. Go figure! And figure 8 are all I’ve got. Not enough to complete a post.

Then comes my thought bubble or ear worm of Sam Hunt singing “Body Like a Back Road” Now that brings an image of a voluptuous figure.

Ugh. Now more thoughts on body dysmorphia. When Lulu saw her brother, the first thing she said was “Wow you’ve lost weight” He replied “52 pounds since September”. All with intermittent fasting. Which I’m deadset against. Of course mom knows nothing. He’s doing after getting medical advice. He assures me it’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle.

I could see the wheels spinning in Lulu’s head. If he can do that, so can I. Scares me because of extremes. Instead of what we restrict maybe it should be more about what we add. I’m going to stop now. It’s #free216. I’m off work for a week. Yay me! 48 plus 168 = 216. That there is ciphering or figuring. We are off the the tulips! Go figure!!

Here are the rules and pingback.

10 thoughts on “#SoCS for 3/7/20 ~ “figure”

  1. I might have fasted in my early 20s when I occasionally went all day on coffee and cigarettes til eating an evening meal. Now, I can’t imagine fasting and doing any kind of activity. My blood sugar feedback would be screaming. But I guess different things work for different people.

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  2. Happy vacation to you! Intermittent fasting is something I do too but most of it is sleep time. I try to eat dinner before 7 PM and then not again until noon-ish. I’ve never really been a morning eater anyway so it’s not hard.

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    1. Thanks Janet! Fun so far. My son has chosen to eat every other day. He drinks lots of water and his willpower amazes me. I might be able to do what you do but the eating before 7 is tough since I get home late.

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