Friday Reflections ~ March 6, 2020

Ah, another workweek in the books.  And next week is Spring Break around these parts.  My Lulu will be here any minute.  She reminds me it is her LAST Spring Break.  I tell her vacation is better AND no reason to take time off during Spring Break but maybe in October we take off to Florida?  How about them apples?  Sounds delightful right? The Epcot wine festival …

BUT stupid corona is ruining all.  Wonder how long this will last.  Monday 3/2 we got a note from the CEO that all travel is cancelled – all offices.  Our International travelers have been ordered home.  Anyone personal or business travel returning from overseas is quarantined for 14 days.   Monday 3/9, we will be stress testing work from home for as many who can to see if the system holds its’ center.

I am bummed that my company pulled out of the TAMUCC job/recruiting fair.  Very sad for those kids (to include Lulu’s boyfriend) who through no fault of their own, have lost an opportunity.  They were told that for those companies who did attend, they should not shake hands with anyone but instead nod acknowledgement.  Seriously Meredith Grey?  Yes! Seriously.

I am also bummed about the cancellation of the annual Puppy Love Event where they bring service animals into the building.  I have come to look forward to this event sponsored for diversity and inclusion awareness.  The cancellation simply read for preventive measures.  And yes I live in San Antonio where the infected lady went to the mall.  I mean come on.  I am hearing lots of crazy talk but will we ever know the true story?

Meanwhile in other news, I accidentally wrote lick off instead of kick off when referencing a meeting during an instant message (IM) conversation with my former boss.  Specifically, I typed “Amy and Mary went to the lick off”.  He replied ‘lol’ and I replied ‘oops *kick off’.  Now I’ve got a case of the serious giggles. How juvenile!  Hahahahahaha 🙂

Boy, I could go for a cotton candy dipped ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  Why not?!?  I am on vacation in 3, 2, 1 …

As always, more to come.