Sunday 🐏blings 3/1/20 Free Airwaves and Other Vehicle Related Stuff

Yes! Double bonus score.  I had my car serviced last weekend.  I got an email “thank you” and oh by the way, you can get three months free of Sirius XM radio.  No credit card required; only a link to sign up.  Free subscription will terminate automatically once three months are up.  I have email confirmation for March 1 to June 1.  Woo to the Hoo!!

I had satellite radio for a while but after doing the funny math, I was oh hell no, NEVER again will I pay for airwaves!  Besides Jack is good for all intents and purposes seeing as I do not live in my car.  The commute sometimes feels like my car is my home but percentage-wise, I am out of my car more than I am in it. 

In other vehicle related news, my TPMS came on.  I briefly mentioned  it here.  Yesterday I made a same day appointment for Discount Tires.  As luck would have it though, the indicator quit signaling and shows pressure on all tires of 35.  B was right.  He’s almost always right.  Our convos Friday and  yesterday morning went something like this …

Me: Damn dealer messed something up, why would my TPMS go off a week after servicing?

B: You sure it isn’t a glitch?

Me: Well you tell me.

B goes to inspect and sure enough the angry exclamation point surrounded by U is on the dash panel.

Me (the next day driving to Discount Tire – hands free dialing baby):  Call B on cell.

B: Hello

Me:  Hey the indicator isn’t on and the right front reads 35.  Should I still go in?

B: No, I think the cold caused the glitch.  Those sensors are sensitive.  Sometimes cold throws them off but if you see tire pressure and no indicator, I wouldn’t go in.  

Instead I took off to return boots to Target. Frugal as I am, the purchase was an impulse buy to use store credit from returning a three or four year old unused air filter.  They gave me another in store credit but this time, I bought batteries that we needed for our remote control and one of B’s flashlights.  I had just enough leftover to buy Sleepytime tea.  Now that’s the sweet stuff.

As always, more to come.


7 thoughts on “Sunday 🐏blings 3/1/20 Free Airwaves and Other Vehicle Related Stuff”

  1. Whatever the placard on the door indicates is the rating for maximum traction and stability on the pavement. Higher pressures up to what it says on the tire will give better tire wear and not seriously impact dry pavement traction. You’ll feel the bumps on the road more.

    It is important that tire pressure be within a pound or two right to left. Front to back, not so important.

    Lower pressures than on the placard will work better in mud and sand but that isn’t where most people drive. Low pressure will also wear tires out and give worse traction on dry pavement and horrible traction on wet pavement.

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  2. Yes, those tire monitoring things are sensitive. If the temp goes down it will set it off. I keep a tire gauge in my glove box, cause I’m old school like that and check the tire anyway. LOL Great score on the returns/exchanges. It’s little things like that, that can make a good day 🙂

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    1. B told me I should do the same. But I’d likely let the air out not knowing what to do. lol. Score on return and actually came out a little over a dollar ahead. It will take me years to go back and spend that dollar though 🙂

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