Sunday 🐏blings 3/1/20 Free Airwaves and Other Vehicle Related Stuff

Yes! Double bonus score.  I had my car serviced last weekend.  I got an email “thank you” and oh by the way, you can get three months free of Sirius XM radio.  No credit card required; only a link to sign up.  Free subscription will terminate automatically once three months are up.  I have email confirmation for March 1 to June 1.  Woo to the Hoo!!

I had satellite radio for a while but after doing the funny math, I was oh hell no, NEVER again will I pay for airwaves!  Besides Jack is good for all intents and purposes seeing as I do not live in my car.  The commute sometimes feels like my car is my home but percentage-wise, I am out of my car more than I am in it. 

In other vehicle related news, my TPMS came on.  I briefly mentioned  it here.  Yesterday I made a same day appointment for Discount Tires.  As luck would have it though, the indicator quit signaling and shows pressure on all tires of 35.  B was right.  He’s almost always right.  Our convos Friday and  yesterday morning went something like this …

Me: Damn dealer messed something up, why would my TPMS go off a week after servicing?

B: You sure it isn’t a glitch?

Me: Well you tell me.

B goes to inspect and sure enough the angry exclamation point surrounded by U is on the dash panel.

Me (the next day driving to Discount Tire – hands free dialing baby):  Call B on cell.

B: Hello

Me:  Hey the indicator isn’t on and the right front reads 35.  Should I still go in?

B: No, I think the cold caused the glitch.  Those sensors are sensitive.  Sometimes cold throws them off but if you see tire pressure and no indicator, I wouldn’t go in.  

Instead I took off to return boots to Target. Frugal as I am, the purchase was an impulse buy to use store credit from returning a three or four year old unused air filter.  They gave me another in store credit but this time, I bought batteries that we needed for our remote control and one of B’s flashlights.  I had just enough leftover to buy Sleepytime tea.  Now that’s the sweet stuff.

As always, more to come.