#SoCS for 2/22/20 ~ “animal sounds”

Good morning fine folks.  Time once again for #SoCS.  Our wonderful host with the most, Linda G Hill writes and I rewrite :

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “animal sounds.” Write about the sounds animals make and how you experience them. Have fun!

Hmm … Animal sounds and how I experience them …

Think, think, and think

This is harder than I thought when I first looked at the prompt because of the “how I experience them piece”.  My first flurry was brain activity was a song I used to sing to my kids.  The cow goes moo, the duck goes quack ….  But then the song lyrics fizzled and no matter how hard I tried, I could not remember the words.  This despite my steel trap memory for all things nonsensical. Oh who am I kidding?  My steel trap brain mis-remembers as much as it recalls.   The Mandela Effect explains this … sort of … which I have written about recently … maybe even last Saturday.  Doh!

I also briefly thought “Animal Farm” by George Orwell or Aldous Huxley?  Orwell … pretty sure he wrote both “Animal Farm” and  “1984” but that’s not going anywhere. Then I thought Beach Boys but that is “Pet Sounds” not animal sounds.  Wait! Animals are pets.  This could work.  “Wouldn’t It be Nice” ….

Mooooooooooooooooving right along.

My doggies’ bark are animal sounds.  They have varying barks depending on what’s happening.  Not all barks are distress either.  But some are.  When a siren goes off, they howl and that is the worst sound ever because I know their poor little ears hurt.  They can hear these sirens from emergency vehicles passing by on the highway some miles from our house way before we even notice.  The howl alerts us to the potential danger which come with the screaming sirens.  They also bark to alert us to visitors.  They can discern known and unknown vehicles.  Which is why when B gets home after I do, he some times startles me coming in the house because they don’t bark at grandpa.

Whew!  I am tired, might go back to bed and catch a few more zzzzzzz’s.  Or wait.  I have an appointment to service my car.  Guess I better get going.

Wishing you all a happy Saturday!!!

As always, more to come.