Friday Reflections 02/21/20

What a wonderful week and by wonderful I mean I am choosing my own adjective instead of letting negativity ruin things.  I think I may be at it again, stuffing down feelings to be perfect Pollyanna or maybe I just found a way to deal with the insanity.

I have officially become a walker.  I lost count of consecutive weeks goal achievement.  And this week, I took it up a notch.  I started arriving at 6:15 instead of just before 7 which means 45 minutes minimum of walking.  I am sleeping better though I am not at 100% well.  On that front the question of the day is to Keto or not to Keto?  I have done the research but I am still very confused.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do this.  I don’t want to pick wrong.  The literature is overwhelming and often contradictory.  I guess I really just need to try some things out and ultimately do what works for me.  Oh so many questions as I sit and reflect.

But, I ain’t got time for that now.  No wallow.  No analysis/paralysis.  Time to get this party started and by party I mean workday.  Then onward through the fog onto #Free48.

As always, more to come.

4 thoughts on “Friday Reflections 02/21/20

  1. Happy Friday. My answer: I started on a Keto lifestyle in March last year. For the first six or seven months I was VERY strict and counted every carb, made meals as per the recipes in the cookbooks we got, and to date have lost 58 pounds (72 pounds since my all time high weight). Since Thanksgiving (at which time I had stuffing and cranberry sauce) I have been not quite as diligent with counting the carbs and I haven’t tried any new recipes lately and the weight loss has plateaued. I am 25 pounds from my goal though so I am going back to counting carbs and being more observant about the things I eat. I was taking two pills a day for Type II diabetes when I started and I no longer need to take any medication. You are right about all the different information you get and it can be overwhelming. I was worried about all the increased fats you are allowed to consume on Keto because all the previous programs (like WW and Hungry Girl) stress low/no fat so it was a culture shock to have heavy cream in some of the dishes. I know that Shelley is eating something along the Keto way as well so she may have some input for you too. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks for sharing Janet! And congrats on your success. This is more helpful than the articles I have read. All seem to be selling me something. I’m almost ready to give Keto a shot 😊

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      1. Just an aside, my sister and her husband are strict VEGANS and she lost a considerable amount of weight as well BUT I did not want to give up meat AND she needs to take supplements to get enough vitamins and minerals because they are not in the plants they eat so while she thinks my keto is not healthy, I am getting all the nutrients I need by what I eat, not by taking additional pills or eating yucky things like wheat grass – LOL. I mean, what’s the difference between taking a pill to control diabetes or taking a pill to get enough vitamin D? A pill is a pill.

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      2. I agree with you on that point. A pill is a pill. I prefer plants to meat but completely meatless is not for me either. The more I keep reading, the more I think modified Keto is they way to go for me. The whole bad carbs vs. good carbs debate.

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