Friday Reflections 02/21/20

What a wonderful week and by wonderful I mean I am choosing my own adjective instead of letting negativity ruin things.  I think I may be at it again, stuffing down feelings to be perfect Pollyanna or maybe I just found a way to deal with the insanity.

I have officially become a walker.  I lost count of consecutive weeks goal achievement.  And this week, I took it up a notch.  I started arriving at 6:15 instead of just before 7 which means 45 minutes minimum of walking.  I am sleeping better though I am not at 100% well.  On that front the question of the day is to Keto or not to Keto?  I have done the research but I am still very confused.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do this.  I don’t want to pick wrong.  The literature is overwhelming and often contradictory.  I guess I really just need to try some things out and ultimately do what works for me.  Oh so many questions as I sit and reflect.

But, I ain’t got time for that now.  No wallow.  No analysis/paralysis.  Time to get this party started and by party I mean workday.  Then onward through the fog onto #Free48.

As always, more to come.