Sunday 🐏blings 2/16/20

I haven’t posted a ramble in a while. Officially at least. Though most of my stuff is off the cuff anyway.

Today was good y’all.

I slept in. After breakfast, I went to the store with the mister. When we got back B asked if I had enough steps yet. I was close but no cigar. He “suggested” I help him fertilize the trees. I followed him around filling the holes he made in even intervals around each tree. We’ve got 14!!! This means I exceeded my weekly goal. On a non traditional period of Monday to Sunday. Either 4th or 5th week in a row that I’ve made it. I’ve lost count. I’m hooked though just like with most things I do. A compulsive personality. I’m already planning my route for tomorrow.

Boy I’m gonna sleep good tonight. 😴

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