Funny Math of the HRA Variety

HRA = Health Risk Assessment.

We have a potential to earn up to 500 points by taking the HRA.   Once we earn 500 points, we get a reward (shirt) and at 2000 points we get discounts off our healthcare premium.  You’d be surprised how many people do NOT participate.  Me?  Well pretty sure we established I am a carrot and stick personality.  You had me at free shirt Jerry Maguire!  Show me the money!!!  LOL

Every year since 2013 we have had five categories at 100 points each.  This year they changed things up as follows:

Participation = 300 points!!!  just show up

BMI 25 or less = 50 points

Glucose under 100 = 50 points

Blood Pressure 120/80 or less = 50 points

Cholesterol ratio under 4 = 50 points

The idea of 300 points just for showing up isn’t the funny math.   That’s the incentive to get more participation.  The funny math is for height and weight to get to BMI … height was round up and weight was round down AND minus 3 lbs for clothing.  I’m telling ya folks.  I’ll take it.

As always, more to come.