Well Hello

Look what happened this morning while I was out gallivanting around, getting my nails done and walking around window shopping?  I now have 1,000 followers!!  I cannot believe it.  Happy to achieve this milestone on day 544 of consecutive posting!!

If I knew it would not go dormant like all my other bright ideas, I’d create a category called “things one overhears … at the nail salon”.  Fun!  And here goes nothing.

Nail Tech: Be a nail tech and make no money, that’s how you keep them away.

Customer (not me):  Oh honey, not true.  Your personality and sense of humor is what will draw women to you.  I’d rather have someone with no money than a cheater.

2nd Customer (also not me): She’s right.  I was married 30 years when my Ex decided he wanted to be with someone else.  Two weeks later he was begging me to take him back.  I said no.  Best decision I ever made.

Customer (not me): See I hate that.  Is he still with her?

2nd Customer (also not me): No, he moved on to # three.

Then the Nail Tech proceeds to tell the group how we got it all wrong here in the states with how we celebrate Valentines Day … for the couples.  He says “other countries have something like Valentines Day that is for singles only.  You wear a certain color that shows you are ready to mingle.  We need that here so I can find somebody to love me.  Happy couples don’t need to be so greedy!!!”

Then Customer #1’s cell phone rings.  It’s her husband calling to see if she is ready.  He drops her off every other Saturday then goes to wash her car.  She says “come in here and meet these ladies”.  And he does, all stooped over.  I thought he was injured and she was the queen of her castle making him do for her.  She tells him, “oh Russell stand up straight you goof”.    He does, laughing and says “this is what a husband of 52 years looks like … worn out”.   As they parted, he gave us this advice for relationship happiness “never do anything, NEVER EVER! that saying I’m sorry can’t fix”.  And with that he whisked his beloved away.

As always, more to come.


13 thoughts on “Well Hello

  1. Well, that is just dandy. For the record, I’m the one that left, but my ex of 18 1/2 years is on wife #3 in the past 16 years. I’ve been with my hubby now for 15 glorious years. Love is out there. Just got to find the right one. Great post and congrats on the 1K followers!

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