#SoCS for 2/8/20 ~ (un)pack

Good morning y’all!  Top o’ the morning to ya.  Linda gives us the following:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “(un)pack.” Use “pack” or its opposite in your post. Have fun!

Hmmm Pack (un)Pack and Pack again.  No thanks!

I do not like to pack.

What else?

Well there is a parking garage at work that is so far away from the actual building that we called it the donkey garage.  We used to joke that it was such a hike, from the donkey garage that we needed to PACK a lunch as if we were going down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Only problem is you don’t ride donkeys down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you ride mules.  I remember when the Brady Bunch went on vacay and took that trip.  My brothers and I wanted to do the same when we went, but my parents said no.  Still a memorable trip.

And with that, I am outta stream.  Off to the races which today means I am going to get my nails done.  Not common for this un-girly girl but I felt like a splurge.

To join this band of merry prompt respondents, follow this link to the Rules and Ping Back.

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