Friday Reflections 2/7/20

I am starting something new but will not create a category as that is the fastest way to an end for my ideas.  I have been loving life lately and decided that Friday is as good a day as any to reflect and give thanks.  For ALL of it … the good the bad and they ugly.  For without a few stumbles, we’d never learn how to run.  Oh boy.  Hope you’re wearing boots.  LOL

  • Super Bowl Sunday watch party with a lasagna dinner and yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dessert to honor the man who built the Internet turning 77 years young.
  • Happy anniversary to me and the love keeps pouring in.  The nostalgia of it all.  Priceless. I ❤ my job and plan to stay another decade.  I will count down too.
  • Reaching goals – 50K steps per week for 3 weeks … working on finishing up week 4.  I started this for points to be converted into money off health insurance premiums and it turned into FUN!  Yes I said it.  Exercise is FUN!!  I have walking buddies now too or people who I have seen walking my same path each morning at the b’crack of dawn.  They were there before me and new folks join in and leave all the time.  Or so I have been told. The more I walk, the more I want to walk.  I take extra laps everywhere I go now.  I am addicted.  I used to run cross country but my knees no longer allow me to run but dang if this walking thing is not a fairly decent surrogate.

More next week if I didn’t just jink myself.

As always, more to come.


6 thoughts on “Friday Reflections 2/7/20

  1. I have heard or read that it causes you body to produce something that your body likes. It is in a sense like a drug, a good one. Your body gets addicted, and just like it gives you hunger pains so you’ll eat, the body will want whatever it is that the walking produces and makes you desire the walking. Having babbled all that, I don’t know if it is true BUT I know when I am walking regularly, something I haven’t been doing since moving here to the great state of Texas, but when I am it will eat at me to walk. You know like how when your brain says you want something and won’t leave you alone until you do it?

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    1. Yes I understand. I know about endorphins from when I used to run cross country. This is the same I think. My kid is worried that I am slipping back into my compulsive ways. So far though I can stop if I want to … spoken like a true …

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  2. I wouldn’t go so far as to say exercise is fun but I have been enjoying walking with Benny twice a day. Started doing some arm lifts with weights too, hoping to firm up some of the muscles there. Sounds like a nice new feature 🙂

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