Seriously Meredith Grey?

WP just gave me the 9 day streak badge.  But I posted for #SLS this morning.  I guess since I scheduled #SLS they count the day that post was written?  Somehow they have changed my dangling carrot and I do not like it.  Not one bit!  Lol!!  So silly.  I am better now.  B really helped me this weekend, to see the error of my ways.  We’ve had so much fun starting with Friday night’s Pink in the Rink, yesterday’s shenanigans, and today’s Sunday Funday!!

Example badge …

Rat bastards!!!!!! LOL

As always, more to come.

#QQ4U on This Super Bowl Sunday

B and I got up at the b’crack of dawn to go shopping at HEB for the week’s goods plus Super Bowl extras, PoPo’s B-day and my almost 36 year service anniversary. Combo partying is not for the faint of heart!! I’ve already started.
I had a donut for breakfast with a Dr. Pepper Icee chaser so screw it! I am off the WW wagon for one day .. okay two days because yesterday the Original Donut Shop was right next to where I had my appointment. It would’ve been sacrilegious to NOT get something. Don ‘cha think?
Anyhoo. Back to the b’crack of dawn … I really wanted to wear my penguin pajama bottoms to HEB. B gave me his look so I changed into sweats. Close enough but not nearly as soft.  Comfort over style I always say.  
We arrive and as we are parking, a couple walks through the crosswalk, hand in hand wearing what? Well pajamas of course! Ha! “See” I tell him. “I think this has become socially acceptable”. B responds “no Jill, it has not”
Once inside the store, I began my count. Every time I saw another pair of pajama bottoms, I gave him my look which said “see pajamas”. I counted 7 if you include the 2 people we saw walking in, that we never saw again btw. I’m a child of the 70s, I dressed much more inappropriately back in the day.
So I have to ask WordPress friends, what’s your thoughts on wearing pajama bottoms as regularly pants?