#SLS for 01/19/20 ~ “Coconut”

Jim gives us the prompt to share a song written or sung by Tom, Dick, or Harry or a song with one or more of those names in the lyrics. Tom Petty immediately came to mind but that’s my usual. I decided to shakes things up with a simple search.

I had the good fortune to find Harry Nilsson. Here’s the wiki of his bio. Interesting stuff. Now to choose a song. Hard to decide given the wonderful options. Maybe I’ll just flip a coin? Heads it’s “Coconut” Lyrics within.

Rules and Ping Back

20 thoughts on “#SLS for 01/19/20 ~ “Coconut”

  1. This is such a fun song and Harry Nilsson is brilliant. Nilsson sang with contrasting voices for the characters of the narrator, the girl, and for the doctor he used a Jamaican accent. Harry had the ability to take a simple song that is about nothing of any consequence and make it fun for his listeners. Utilizing an ordinary, simple premise this song became very popular.

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