#JusJoJan 01/19/20

Jim had the word of the day giving us the prompt gobbledygook.  Take a look at his blog. You’ll learn something new.  I can almost guarantee it.  Thanks Linda for hosting.  This is going to be fun.

Is gobbledygook like whatchamacallit or thingamajig?

Nope, not really.

First we have gibberish … goobledygook that is.

Second, we have the candy base that is whatchamacallit.  Dang!  I need to stop this train to candy land that I’m on.  I eat dessert nightly now instead of once in a blue moon.  I have my health assessment on 2/11/20 after which I will try to find a new better doctor than the yahoo I just went to on 1/2/20.  I was going to release the hounds on the events that followed that appointment.  You’ve no idea but I want to keep this lighthearted and happy today.

Third, we have thingamajig who was a contestant on the Masked Singer.  Anyone watch that show? B dislikes it but I watch the DVR episodes when he is fast asleep.  I’ll fast forward through the commentary (gobbledygook) and even some of the singing to get to the big unveil.

Thingamajig may  also be the cousin of thingamabob. I use the terms interchangeably when a name escapes me which is happening more often.   Sometimes I worry.  Why?  Well because worry is in my DNA.  How does one know the difference between multitasking madness resulting in forgetfulness and something more serious?  If early intervention helps with treatment then I agree with Shelley, give us a baseline screening for memory loss at 55!!!

Now as I am ending my gobbledygook of a post, I had this thought that I could have done a mash up since Jim also hosts #SLS.  You see I picked a fairly goobledygook song for today.  Coconut is just bananas.

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 01/19/20

  1. LOL – isn’t it funny we can remember the word thingamajiggy, but we can’t remember the actual word we’re looking for until it’s in the middle of the night when we’re trying to sleep!? Thanks for the call-out – I do believe a baseline for our memory at 55 is a great idea! Happy Sunday – I hope you have a great week and that your doctor’s appointment goes well. 🙂

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