Sunday 🐏blings 1/12/20

My first ramble of 2020. Aaaahhh! I need a mini purge.

I’m reading Ordinary Hazards A Memoir by Nikki Grimes. She discovered the power of writing at a young age too. The feeling of sweet relief to get the thoughts out! She’s endured far worse than me yet we harness the same thing to experience release. How cool is that? Non-medicinal cure for what “theoretically” ails me.

I’ve rambled here quite a bit about my doctor going to concierge and my appointment with someone new who was less than stellar. I’m still in pain and sitting here feeling sorry for myself. Listening to #SLS helps. Thanks Jim for keeping it going when Helen left. Musical muscle just like the power of writing. And Bag Lady you’ve no idea what your song did for me today. I walked off my anxiety albeit temporary with End of the Line on a loop. I feel better. Maybe I’m not dying. Oh who am I kidding? We’re all dying. Maybe I’m not dying today!!!

You too can share the joy that is the Traveling Wilburys

As always more to come.


4 thoughts on “Sunday 🐏blings 1/12/20

    1. Thanks Janet. I’m going to try our onsite clinic next. I cried when I saw the video missing Roy of course but to see George and Tom 💔 Gone to soon.

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