#JusJoJan 01/07/20

Twofer Tuesday is on hiatus for January since I’m Just Jot January-ing it. Yes I made January into a verb. Today’s prompt of mix is bought to us by John Holton @ http://thesoundofonehandtyping.com. If you’d like to reminisce and learn a new thing or two, visits his space.

Then to mix it up with the other #JusJoJan participants, follow this link. http://lindaghill.com/2020/01/07/daily-prompt-jusjojan-the-7th-2020/

Mix! I’ve always enjoyed mixing it up. Baking that is! Or cooking in general. I’ve found from scratch without a mix is usually better. I used to make French Toast on weekends. I’d sing as I cooked.

First you crack an egg

Then you mix it all up

Melt a little butter

In a frying pan

Then you take the bread out

And dip it in the egg wash

I think I took a Golden Girls episode and mixed my own lyrics into the song. Both kids remember me singing this song to them. Awwww cue nostalgic memories.

I don’t cook often any more though. Somewhere along the way B and I switched places. We mixed it up.

In 1988, after Pony was born, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. We couldn’t afford it. Though the compromise was working part-time 9 to 2. Weekends and evenings free. Back then, the kitchen was my domain.

In 1999, I took a night shift. Still part-time but odd hours. My kitchen duties decreased. Three nights a week, I left for work at 4 pm. Supper was all on B those nights. Then in 2003, my option was full-time day shift or nothing. I took the deal but it was a steep learning curb.

I had my days and nights mixed up. I couldn’t function well. The idea of putting a meal together did me in. I’d lost my mojo. Turns out B had mastered supper time anyway and he enjoyed cooking. Even more than I did. He got home by 4 pm and me? I didn’t get off until 5 pm plus I had at least a one hour commute most days. He just kept on cooking. Mixing it up. And the rest is history.

As always more to come.


7 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 01/07/20

  1. Cooking and eating have always been hit and miss in our house. For most of our young married life my hubby had really bad ulcers and could not eat a lot of things and was not always hungry when it was “meal time.” Add a work schedule (his) that was sometimes swing shift and sometimes graveyard made it really difficult.

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    1. Hit and miss is more common with busy life styles and other reasons. For a few years when the kids had after school activities it was really rough. That’s when we did the fast food too often and our bad habits were formed. I’m trying daily to break them but habits die hard.

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  2. Oh, I turn nouns into verbs all the time. A verb turned into a noun is a gerund, so I always say that a noun turned into a verb is a dnureg.

    For a while I did most of the cooking. Then came the stroke…

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