Thursday 🐏blings 12/26/19

The past is gooooonnnnnnne! Sing it Steven Tyler and Jilly Dub:

Sing with me, sing for the year

Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear

Sing with me, just for today

Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

Whoa why so maudlin? You made it through another holiday gauntlet. Well yeah not New Years yet but you’ve always loved New Years. The memories attached to that are good ones. Light at the end of the tunnel in a way.

If my last therapist had not poo-pooed the idea, I’d claim S.A.D. or seasonal affect disorder. The sun 🌞 is behind the clouds ☁️ and we’re supposed to get rain ☔️ for a few days. She claimed we’re too far from the equator to have SAD. And even then the studies are inconclusive. Imagine that?!? In my case, my mood is all me. Overthinking. Now I’m gonna put a stop to that nonsense.

Instead I’ll be sitting here sipping hot tea ☕️ as Lulu does laundry 🧺. I’ll break out my next book 📖 and overindulge in the self-care of doing nothing but reading and napping 😴 then reading some more. This marks my 500th (is that a word?) post in a row. Milestone. Yippee 🥳

As always more to come.

#1linerWeds. 12/25/19

We have an electronic feedback board at work. No censorship really; almost anything goes. Supposed to be business purposes to gauge employee sentiments/mood and while names aren’t published, feedback isn’t exactly anonymous. I saw this liner last week and thought yes, we all need a little levity. Without further ado …

A mathematician wanders back home at 3am and proceeds to get an earful from his wife. “You’re late!” she yells. “You said you’d be home by 11:45!” “Actually,” the mathematician replies coolly, “I said I’d be home by a quarter of 12.”

Get it? Got it. Good! Corny clean fun. Lol 😂

To join in, follow this link:

#SAS on hiatus for a day

No commute means no last two songs on the radio. It also means no parking in what might be a rat infested garage because the car indicators are lighting up like a Christmas tree again. Ugh. Using vacay to diagnose my car wasn’t in the plan :(. I may or may not be back on New Years Eve. I will be back at work but staying home unless it’s too crowded here. If I commute, there’ll be tunes.

Merry X-mas Eve folks. Wishing you the best ❤

Share Your World 12-23-19

Long time reader, first time quiz taker. This seems fun. Melanie has created a welcoming space to share. Follow this link for more …


Do dogs ‘talk’ (communicate) with their own species?  My two Buddy and Spot sure do. Nope I haven’t lost my mind. Communication comes in many forms. You bet our fur babies “talk” to one another.

Have you ever had to work on Christmas Day? Not the day of but many a Christmas Eve in retail, then later in a call center.

If someone gifts you something that you immediately loathe, do you pretend to really like it anyway or are you brutally honest about your opinion? Hmm I’ve never been given anything I loathe but if that ever happens I wouldn’t say anything. I’m a proponent of it’s the thought that counts.

Which popular drink, found during the Christmas season most often, is called “milk punch?” Egg nog maybe? Too sweet for me needs rum to cut that sweetness 😉

How many ghosts show up during “A Christmas Carol?”  Three if memory serves – past, present, and future?? No maybe it was two ghosts and death? I’m guessing because never read the book and parts of the adaptation really scared me as a kid. I may not have ever made it all the way through. I know the general story of course, very high level. Wasn’t there a creepy child named Woe? When death opened his robe, the shocker. Why the heck was I even allowed to watch? My parents who were very social creatures were probably out at a holiday dance. Or I maybe I’m misremembering. I might google “A Christmas Carol” later.

Are you all about the holly and jolly or more about remembering the alleged ‘true’ meaning of Christmas?    I’m about no stress. I’ve been saying this a lot lately but everyday is Christmas or <insert special occasion of choice>. Why can it be like any other day? I’m done doing something because I think I have to. The excesses make me tired. My Lulu belle is sad. She remembers the blowouts of Christmases past when my dad was alive. She asked why we don’t all get together anymore. The short answer is her grandpa was our north Star. We still love each other but the center has come undone.

Please share a memory or thought about the holiday season if you’d like, whatever kind of celebration you may observe. 

As a kid, we’d drink hot chocolate from Santa Claus mugs. This was a special set of four that only came out the week of Christmas. One was Santa winking his left eye, another his right, one with both eyes wide open and the 4th with both eyes shut. I always got sleepy Santa with eyes closed. None of my brothers would ever trade me for a winking mug. Boy did I want to drink my hot chocolate from a winking mug. Funny what one remembers.

#SLS for 12/22/19 ~ “Last Christmas”

Jim gives us Christmas/Holiday/Snowman as prompts. I’m deer in the headlights with choices. Instead of me deciding, I asked Lulu and without a beat she suggested “Last Christmas”. You’ve got it! Yay! Wham. More in the wiki

On to the video with lyrics:

Rules and Ping Back

#SoCS for 12/21/19 ~ “ingle”

lets get this party started Linda says and i repeat Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ingle.” Find a word that contains “ingle” and use it any way you’d like in your post. Have fun!

oh my this is going to be good because who doesnt love a good ingle


ingle ells

ingle ells

ingle all the way


get it

got it



i am ridiculous but i own my silliness

jingle was my word

my second favorite of the ingles

tingle being number one of course

nothing better than butterflies in my stomach that feeling of roller coaster 🎢 drops

woo to the hoo

pringle being the least favorite cuz what the hell kinda name is that for chips

in my opinion only

if you like em ggggggreat said in my tony the tiger 🐅 🐯 voice

guess i am done ✅

we are off to the races if you call a day downtown the races

have a great day folks

to join this band of jingling tingly pringly band of prompt responders lookie 👀 here

I’ve Been Quiet Today

I am a busy little pre-birthday beaver. I am trying to get all my work done so that I do not have to get back online until after the first of the year. Won’t that be delicious my pretties. I am super excited because I’ve got my email to where I do not have to scroll. That won’t last long but oh what a feeling!



Catching up on DVR’ed shows. The Kennedy Center Honors was on Sunday but Lulu’s birthday took precedence. I must say this Class of 2019 is spectacular!!

  1. Linda Ronstadt whose diversity and range are incredible.
  2. Sally Field – Giget and the Flying Nun does good.
  3. Sesame Street – in a word genius! Sing! Sing a Song!
  4. Michael Tilson Thomas or MTT – never knew his name but I’ve always known his music. We share a birthday which means I’m almost famous. Lol.
  5. Last but certainly not least, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Jamming out back in the day. Many a flashlight skate included their music fueling the movement. Always a favorite even to this day!

This event is an annual treat. To see other celebrities pay homage is icing on the cake. Sweet dreaming tonight.