So, … 12/29/19

I just found out if I post something privately it doesn’t count. As much as I’m a personal stats chaser, some things aren’t ready for prime time. I’ve realized I used to be a lot more brazen on this blog. And now I turned into a wimp. Wimpy wimpy wimpy hefty hefty cinch sack. Ugh 😫

No more free therapy here because I sit with analysis paralysis worried about what people will think. Which is just plain silly. I’m not the sun. Guess I’ll jump back in to sessions. See if I can get straightened out.

As always more to come.

11 thoughts on “So, … 12/29/19

  1. What has made you feel the need to hide is the question? People will think what they think, and that is what they will think. Therefore you be you, and they will think what they think. When they start paying your mortgage, car payments, electric bills etc, then I would be concerned with what “they” think 🙂 My dad use to tell me, “if someone gets offended or feels a certain way about you, it is because they “wanted to be offended or feel a certain way about you. It really has nothing to do with you” 🙂 I pray no one has bullied you into feeling this way. More importantly I pray you are ok and not making yourself feel this way. If you need me, I am here 🙂

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    1. Thanks Margaret. This is unfortunately all me. I’ve been coping with my usual “grin and bear it” for a little too long. At least I recognize it now. Time for intervention.

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  2. I recently embarked on a path of recording 100 daily videos which must be published publicly on Facebook to ‘count’. I am on day 25. I have learned a lot about myself. Best wishes. No judgement here. Be as brazen as you desire.

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    1. Thanks Maggie! I think it’s that the more I interact here, the more I’ve grown to respect everyone. I don’t feel anonymous anymore. I’m braver as a pixel than a person. If that even makes any sense. I think I’ll jump to twitter and be anonymous as my alter ego goes wild … or not. Lol

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      1. I do get it. When I had to publish my videos publicly, I created a new page so they were not posted where everyone would see them every day.

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