Thursday 🐏blings 12/26/19

The past is gooooonnnnnnne! Sing it Steven Tyler and Jilly Dub:

Sing with me, sing for the year

Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear

Sing with me, just for today

Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

Whoa why so maudlin? You made it through another holiday gauntlet. Well yeah not New Years yet but you’ve always loved New Years. The memories attached to that are good ones. Light at the end of the tunnel in a way.

If my last therapist had not poo-pooed the idea, I’d claim S.A.D. or seasonal affect disorder. The sun 🌞 is behind the clouds ☁️ and we’re supposed to get rain ☔️ for a few days. She claimed we’re too far from the equator to have SAD. And even then the studies are inconclusive. Imagine that?!? In my case, my mood is all me. Overthinking. Now I’m gonna put a stop to that nonsense.

Instead I’ll be sitting here sipping hot tea ☕️ as Lulu does laundry 🧺. I’ll break out my next book 📖 and overindulge in the self-care of doing nothing but reading and napping 😴 then reading some more. This marks my 500th (is that a word?) post in a row. Milestone. Yippee 🥳

As always more to come.

7 thoughts on “Thursday 🐏blings 12/26/19

  1. I get S.A.D. even here in SoCal. (If I were in Michigan it might be far worse.) Your therapist should not have poo-pooed the idea. Cabin fever during miserable weather is a real thing too.

    But then I’m an outdoor person. A warm (but not too hot) sunny day is a joyful event. Would not a reduction in joyful events incline one towards sadness? There are people who are creatures of the night. And who are denizens of the indoor world of lights and screens. Maybe it doesn’t affect them as much.

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    1. I’m glad to hear a counter opinion from someone I respect. Several someones actually. I had read up on SAD before bringing it up and being summarily dismissed. Now I feel vindicated 😂.


  2. People from all over the world have SAD. I knew a guy in England who had it, and that’s a whole lot further from the equator than you or I. What kind of knucklehead was your therapist?

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    1. With the exception of her opinion on SAD she was okay and in actuality she was one of the better ones of the three I tried. It’s very hard to find a good therapist. Their waiting lists are usually quite long.


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