Newest Gadget

My oh my 😂. Never thought I’d be that person. See my styling new ear piece? Look away from the gray. Getting close doncha think?!?!

10 thoughts on “Newest Gadget

  1. Ah yes, My daughter has one and uses it all the time while she is driving, which she does a lot for work. Fortunately I have a car that connects to my phone so I don’t need one. Now people will think you’re a crazy lady talking to herself. LOL

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  2. Jill… you’ve caught me. I’m so blind as a bat that it’s an insult to bats for me to say it. I guess you’ve gone Bluetooth. Why don’t they call those things Blueear? I’ve yet to see one attached to a tooth. But I digress. Keep having fun! Hugs.

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