Weird Technology Issues

Now that I’m not on my desktop and I am working between my iPhone and my iPad, I’m noticing that all sorts of posts are populating in something called local. These are drafts mixed in with formerly published posts. In one instance, I re-published and it appears I posted my haiku only an hour ago instead of late Monday night. I knew navigating between three devices was tricky … that sometimes things I posted got hung up or overwritten.

Oh well. Guess I better purchase my replacement device sooner rather than later. Wish me luck. 


5 thoughts on “Weird Technology Issues

  1. Strange. I do all my composing on a PC so maybe I don’t notice this?

    What I wish I knew is how to take a published post, turn it back into a draft and then put it out there again it without it being considered a “new” post.

    Say I see something in a post that bugs me. Maybe I wrote it when my life was in a strange place or I was to drunk/stone to think properly. I take the post “down” for a period of time while I rework it. It is going to take time and I just don’t want it up there until I do. I don’t want it up as a new post because that just looks like I’m recycling old posts because I’m lazy. Even if I backdate it, it shows up in the WordPress reader and goes out to all my email followers. Don’t see a way how to do it.

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  2. They don’t make it clear when you look at a post you’ve already made or are about to make. Evidently when you click on an existing post it creates a draft of it, which is your “local.” You get a chance when you close it to either save the local or get rid of it. I found that if you select “view” it’ll show you what you have without creating a draft.

    This is why I stick with a desktop/laptop…

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