#1linerWeds. 12/18/19

I’m continuing a “from TV” mode. We watch the show “Bless This Mess” primarily due to the timing ABC on Tuesdays after “The Connors”. Until recently that is. The show has become a favorite laugh out loud funny. I’d say the premise is a revamp of “Green Acres”. Kay and Beau are neighbors who are separated but still very much in love. They decided to spend Christmas together as a family for the sake of their son. Beau really wants to win Kay back. The scene goes something like this …

Kay: Say it again

Beau: Do you need help in the kitchen?

Kay: Oh pregnant Mary on the donkey

Beau: I’m grateful for you

Kay: Sweet baby Jesus in the hay

Might not be lol out of context but to see the actress who plays Kay perform her craft is hilarious 🤣. The actor playing Beau is not so bad himself.

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