#QQ4U 12/16/19

Desktop 🖥 or Laptop 👩‍💻 ?

What brand?

My 10 year old desktop finally cratered. Fortunately the problem was some switch thingy and my hard drive is intact and recoverable. Until we get a replacement, our life is on a thumb drive. Amazing really.

Anyhoo, this morning I had a log in issue at work. I called the help desk and spoke to a very sweet young man in Guadalajara. As we waited for things to boot back up I asked him the questions above. He said he isn’t the least bit techie. He’s a history major who needed a part time job. He says the secret is there’s a manual of troubleshooting steps. 1-2-3 easy peasy. He is sticking with history in the hopes to teach one day. But the perk for now is his flexible schedule which includes every Saturday. Getting out early for class on the other days fits the bill.

Anyhoo part two. Help a sister out. What say you all the fine folks of bloglandia 😂

25 thoughts on “#QQ4U 12/16/19

  1. Desktop has its advantages. You can pile on lots of RAM and install huge hard drives. Hook up a big monitor to avoid eye strain. All depends on what you need. My photo collection alone would not fit on most laptop hard drives.

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  2. I work both ways. We have a Mac & PC desktop, pc laptop, iPad, iPhones & a partridge in a pear tree. I love my pc desktop because it is powerful. I had it built as a gaming computer & I don’t game. Makes quick work for photoshop though. It’s really just a personal preference. My advice is to get something that will hold up a few years even if you have to spend a little more now. 😊

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  3. In September I bought a Dell XPS Tower desktop which I am very satisfied with. I ordered it online and I had to wait two weeks for it, but I was able to customize it with everything that I wanted, which is much nicer than getting one off the shelf.

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    1. So true! I’m glad you’re happy with what you got. I wouldn’t be able to customize. Not techie enough to know the differences. Thanks for weighing in.

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      1. I would be glad to help you, if you like. I am probably not the best person with computers, but I have been working with them for 40 years and I am a degreed electrical engineer.

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      2. Thanks Jim. I appreciate the offer. Right now I have analysis paralysis. I’ve taken to using my iPad to get things done until I can settle down enough to decide.

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  4. I still have a desktop, but the only time I use it is via a remote connection from my laptop. Laptops just make more sense for me. They can be anywhere, and if you want the sweet setup of a large monitor and full size keyboard, they can easily support that. Buy a USB Dock, plug in and you have a desktop setup without the buck. Windows has actually gotten pretty easy to deal with since Windows 10. I bought Desktops for a group of 90 in the early 90s and a mix of laptops and desktops for a group of 30-35 since the late 90s. I always bought HP desktops and IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads for laptops. The performance was great, the service (rarely needed) was smooth as ice. These things were on the road, in the overhead bin and under the seat frequently and they held up like troopers. I know they are on the expensive side, but now that I have to buy my own gear, it will still be a Lenovo laptop.

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  5. I am definitely a laptop and MAC girl. I despise how unnecessarily complicated Windows has become. I like the flexibility of writing anywhere and even traveling. With the addition of an iPad, I am certainly portable. (My husband swears he hates Apple but I hear him grumbling constantly in the background about his Windows machine.)

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  6. I have both but then I really need the desktop for my transcription. I have used a laptop for that while on vacation (and it’s why I convinced my hubby that I needed one) but it is not as easy to type on, at least for me. I’m used to a full sized keyboard. With that said, I love my laptop in the studio. I am a MAC girl so that’s the brand I would go with but I know it’s pricey. I just like the user friendly way that it is. Hubby is having issues with his laptop (not a MAC) and I have no clue how to help him with it.

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    1. Portable is nice but not a deal breaker. I’m scared to admit I think I’ve outgrown a desktop. My use is very non technical home office. I’m looking to downsize and get rid of all those wires.

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