Sunday 🐏 blings ~ 12/15/19

First things first people of BlogLandia, today is a wonderful day! Lulu turns 22! we got everything done for her get together happening later tonight, but I had to run to the grocery for items forgot. When I left around 8 am, the day was breaking. I could swear there was a peek of light. Driving back around 9 am, it was a soupy foggy mess with almost 0 visibility. I hope as the day progresses the fog burns off which is inevitable right?? because I have never recalled a day that was foggy from start to finish. But Jilly ain’t no weatherman. Squirrel! The Weather Man with Nick Cage. Probably my first dramedy now 14 years old. I am going to have to rewatch that movie.

I was going to blog about all kinds of good sentimental stuff. But I didn’t get to it quick enough. Instead I did a last-minute make ready of the house before showering to get myself ready. Now as I sit and wait, I go to my desktop and find it has died overnight. Panic and anxiety ensue and now I am coming to you live from my iPad. With talk to text no less. Means there may very well be tons of typos.

I’m getting stuff out of my system here folks means it’s gonna be a whirlwind ride. I have yet another health issue. TMI sparred. Though I want to ask you whadda you think as I google WedMD. I’m likely making stuff up. I know this but it still worries me. One day I’ll be proven right. And the fact that my doctor has gone all concierge bullshit means I don’t even know who I go to.

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh that’s me screaming but word like loud was so yesterday’s #SoCS.

I’ve mentioned before how hard is this time of year. Yet some of the best things occurred in that span of Thanksgiving to New Years too. Like Lulu’s birthday. Nine and 1/2 years after Pony. Our miracle. Best birthday and Christmas gift ever. And forget the past. In the now, I’m grateful. I’ve got everything I’ve ever wanted and way more than I deserve.

I’ve been inhaling and exhaling gently as these thoughts flow onto the virtual page calming me. Something about sharing makes the burden less. Even when no verbal response comes. The premise is similar to what Fandango wrote about yesterday on his #SoCS.

Writing is a gift I give myself daily. Before all the anxiety ridden thoughts pounded my brain I was planning another story. The foggy drive home was the perfect setting for the novel I have yet to write. I’m always plotting another story. Being observant to my interpretation of real as opposed to fake life.

As always more to come.


2 thoughts on “Sunday 🐏 blings ~ 12/15/19

  1. Thanks Janet! I’m hoping Pony can recover what was on the hard drive. This time he says he will build me something. I think all I need is a good laptop.


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