Sunday 🐏 blings 12/8/19

New category alert!!  Ramblings.  Yay!!!  Or Ugh!  I can hear the crowd cheer and groan.  Or maybe smile and wonder what is Jilly up to?  Who knows?

Short story really.  I decided my Life category was getting too full by becoming a catch-all of sorts. But no more!  I won’t waste time re-categorizing.  New posts only from today on.

Time is zipping along and I am in the typical Eeyore head space for this time of year.  Swimming against the current while trying not to be Ebeneezer Scrooge.  I can hear B on the phone with Lulu.  He talks to her EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!  He started doing that after … well after the terrible awful and he has yet to miss a day.  He is not going to be the reason something goes south.  Nope.  He tells her he doesn’t text and she has to take his calls.  Which she does and secretly enjoys.  Me?  I get the I can’t talk now.  Which is fine since mostly I have nothing to say.   Sadly I could go weeks without speaking.  Reading and writing doesn’t count.  All three are expressions but speaking is way too much work most days.

What’s on my mind?  More than I can say.  The first anniversaries of a million little things are about to hit us.  Mainly Pony but the rest of the family too because we love him.  He’s doing better.  Well he appears to be doing better.  No one ever really knows anyone.

At least he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.  He recently told me that he can no longer feel his second chin which means he might shave the beard and see what’s under there.  He has lost a considerable amount of weight … on purpose.  Part of taking back control.  Of course his weight was not the issue but only a symptom.  He is addressing the root cause.  Makes my heart happy.  Now to sustain that happiness without finding anything else to obsess about.  We all know I am the queen of MSU – making stuff up.

Ta-ta for now but I’ll be back.  You can count on it.  Seriously?  Yes Meredith Grey.  Seriously!

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “Sunday 🐏 blings 12/8/19

  1. I adore ramblings – especially yours. Way to take charge of the category and ‘organize’ it! Congrats on the accomplishments and hope for nothing else to obsess about. Do you think that is possible? I certainly struggle with trying not to obsess about things! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  2. I have a catch-all category too. I call it Personal, which is dumb – everything I write is personal. But if you ever do think about recategorising old posts, I found the old wp-admin dashboard was far easier and works just the same.

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    1. Personal as a category makes sense to me. You made me laugh this morning. I guess everything all of us write is personal. Unless maybe we’re writing textbooks or something like that.

      I will have to check that out. The only reason I didn’t go with recategorizing was the effort involved. Thanks for the tip.

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      1. I only moved over from Blogger in Septe,ber. Everything in the old blog, it imported as tags. I preferred categories, so I went through 400-odd posts over a weekend. But you don’t have to actually go into each post, you just go for quick edit from the post list in the old admin. You can edit stuff like category names in there too.

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