#SLS for 12/8/19 ~ “Hot Legs”

Jim gives us prompts arm, elbow, legs, or knees. When I first saw the prompt, all I could think of was ZZ Top’s “Legs” but since I recently used a ZZ Top song, I went looking elsewhere.

That’s when I rediscovered “Hot Legs” by Rod Stewart. I had the album Foot Loose and Fancy Free which I played on a loop. I remember using my own money to buy it from Record Rendevous a mom and pop record store in McCreless Mall. I’ll never forget their window displays. The covers were works of art. The year before I’d bought A Night on the Town which was meant to be like an impressionist painting. Foot Loose was simply Rod’s cool self on the cover. Looking all Tubbs and Crockett in a light color suit. I loved every song on both those albums. Here’s the video. Lyrics within. Hope you enjoy.

Rules and Ping Back

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