Singing In The Stairwell

Singing 🎀 in the stairwell. Is that like singing 🎀 in the rain β˜”οΈ or singing 🎀 in the shower 🚿? I think πŸ€” it’s like the shower thingy.

I’m taking steps at work as a form of light exercise. We have stairwells that go from service level to 3rd floor. I mostly sit on 3 and like to stairwell it in and out daily with trips to the cafe and other amenities in between.

Y’all know I blast the tunes while I’m driving. I almost always get here with an ear worm. This week I just realized the stairwell acoustics are phenomenal.

Yep! Maybe you’ve guessed it. I’m almost always alone in the stairwell. Which means I sing. Out loud. With the voice the good lord gave me. And today as I wailed Prince’s “When Doves Cry”, I was joined in chorus. Oh my! Good times I tell ya. Now we’re taking it on the road. Jilly and Friend. Look out for us. Coming to a town near you. Happy Thursday!!

8 thoughts on “Singing In The Stairwell

    1. It’s true not many like the stairwell. When I worked downtown, I was in a 19 story building but the stairwells were locked for security access and we could only use them for emergency evacuation. I can’t imagine going up nine flights, I can barely do three.


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