1linerWeds. 12/4/19

I’m reading a book πŸ“– that’s completely irreverent. I probably won’t review this gem πŸ’Ž because people may judge me unfavorably. I have tons of snort worthy laugh 🀭 out loud quotes too. Shame I can’t share. I know I really shouldn’t care what anyone thinks. Personally I believe censorship is the devil’s πŸ‘Ώ work. Not really. I’m being a queen πŸ‘‘ comma drama.

All this blathering to say I’m back on from TV πŸ“Ί quotes. Two from American Housewife follow:

It’s from the Greatest Showman … where for some reason Wolverine starts a circus πŸŽͺ ~ Tripp

It’s so confusing… Are you baseball or are you soccer? Come on kickball make up your mind. ~ Franklin

οΏΌTo join in the fun, here are the rules and ping back.


6 thoughts on “1linerWeds. 12/4/19

  1. Haha! I’m going to have to give that show a look. I love the quote about kickball! Come on, I think you should share some totally inappropriate quotes from the book. It would spice up One-liner Wed. for sure! πŸ™‚

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    1. ABC on Fridays. About a family in Westport CT that doesn’t fit the mold of the of the other wealthy inhabitants. George Hamilton did cameos on the show for a while. It’s usually very funny.


    1. Maybe but you’d be surprised at my level of tolerance. I’m drawn to the fringe for reasons unknown. While not completely without limits, if something is too extreme even for me, I just opt out of participation. Live and let live or to each his/her own.

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