Withdrawals from Urban Fun

Not sure what you’re expecting to see here with that title.  Sounds nasty.   But this is not about that.

I wanted to ramble about how much I miss working downtown.  Everything about it!!! And right now, urban fun is about to bloom.  Playland Pizza is selling by the slice again.  Yum-O!!!  Next Tuesday, there is a networking event at Geekdom to speak about “Holidays on East Houston Street”.  And I am going to miss it!!!!  Both the networking event which likely would have included hot chocolate AND the holiday festivities themselves with definitely will include a pop up ice skating rink opening next month through February 2020.   

Oh well, could be worse.  Guess that’s all.  Out of my system.

As always, more to come.

5 thoughts on “Withdrawals from Urban Fun

    1. To work in London would be the coolest thing ever. We have an office there. At one point in my career, we were all supposed to take a turn and rotate through but my co-worker that went before me ended up staying for three years. The program just ended. I often wonder what if?

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      1. It was nice going past all these famous buildings to and from work, Westminster, Buck House etc. but all the same could not wait to get home! I did a year going between the US and UK, after that was a home-bird.

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