I Have Decided

Pills for coughing must be placebos. Not working at all. I want liquid cough medicine like that strong codeine laced stuff of my youth. Did they really do that? Who knows? Maybe I’m misremembering.

I also want liquid penicillin that tastes awful but coats my throat. I don’t wanna sleep because I’m sure pain will come back with a vengeance. Woe is me. Signed forever the Big Baby 🍼

As always more to come.

9 thoughts on “I Have Decided

    1. Since my PCP is going concierge, I’d have to go back to the walk-in clinic. No time for that. I’d rather ride it out as I whine. And hopefully remember if there’s a next tine.


  1. Dextromethorphan is the cough suppressant they use for OTC cough medicine to replace codeine. It would not surprise me if the amount in a dose has been decreased as it is used by some to get high. Robitussin DM is the stuff you want. The other versions Of Robitussin are not cough suppressants. Dextromethorphan gives me wild vivid dreams.

    Another drug to look for is guaifenesin. It is an expectorant. That is something that loosens up the mucus in your lungs and makes it easy to get out. If you don’t have to cough as hard, it doesn’t hurt as much.


    Coating your throat with cough medicine doesn’t help with the cough. It has to be absorbed thru the gut.

    Honey and lemon are good for mild sore throat. So are ordinary anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen. I have some oral Lidocaine I used once for a very extreme case of sore throat. Having a numb throat can be worse than just being sore.

    Most uncomplicated sore throats are viral in nature and an antibiotic won’t touch a virus.

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    1. Yep. I tried to avoid the antibiotic but I tested positive for strep. He also gave me benzonatate for cough. Doesn’t really help. I’ve had guaifenesin before. Next time I am asking for old school cough with codeine. Hopefully there won’t be a next time. The ibuprofen helps the aches all around.


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