File This Under Easily Amused

So I’m laughing to keep from crying. Considering I’ve just been kicked to the curb by my doctor. Concierge my a$$.


We got a group email at work … some sort of random test related to our servers. The email was accidentally sent to the whole company; not just the affected people. And you would be absolutely surprised (or maybe not so surprised) at the number of people replying all and saying do not reply all. Or replying all to take me off this distro. Or replying all to say I don’t use that server. As if they even know. How stupid does one have to be to reply all and say not to as if hours later they’re the first with that idea. Re-donk-a-donk. οΏΌοΏΌ

At least one guy was funny. He said “please do not rely all except for me. I spam you! 🀣”. And he sure enough did. Wonder who the sender is and whether he is in trouble (because it was a dude per the signature block).


As always more to come.

9 thoughts on “File This Under Easily Amused

      1. Presumably cc::Mail became Lotus Notes. It was Lotus, anyway. Were they eaten by IBM? I lose track.
        I used to set every one of my office emails to request a read receipt, just so I knew that someone had read something. The company’s support people asked me to stop eventually.
        It was no hassle for me, I just wrote rules to put them in specific folders.

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      2. I love my rules. It’s how I manage my inbox. For my specific job I have to use delivery receipts to prove I sent the email. Reading it is on them.

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  1. I wonder how much time is wasted, per minute, all over the world, reading emails that have no bearing on what that individual does? An idle thought that has wasted my time, and yours, and several others who just read it!

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