#1linerWeds. 11/6/19

I overheard this liner yesterday. One thing about being back at the mothership is the “variety”.

I’m in the bathroom so you’re going to hear me flush.

We all heard her conversation which could’ve waited. She came bounding out of the stall. Phone attached to her right ear. I am a borderline germaphobe already. So gross.


11 thoughts on “#1linerWeds. 11/6/19

  1. Oh I *hate* when people bring their phone conversations into a public bathroom. Maybe if we had smell-a-phones, it would inhibit that some… but some people just have no class or respect for those around them — particularly the ones in the next stall.
    Happy hump day, Jill. Hugs.

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  2. That is one place that I do not want to hear people on their phones…in the bathroom. Wondering why they think it’s okay to tell the person on the other end that they’re flushing. Why not tell them they’re pooping too? Eww…no…nevermind.

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