So, … Concierge My A$$

Well I can’t say I blame her but my doctor is jumping ship to start her own practice in the concierge model of medicine.  Hater of all insurance.  I get it.  Truly I do.  But who suffers?  The people.  We do.  I am damn sure not paying an annual fee whether or not I go in … payment for the pleasure of maybe.  Promises to be at my beck and call.  Only a limited number of us can join.  Well I am out.  And saddened.  She was a good doctor.  Finding another will suck and be hard due to all the bull shit.  Healthcare in America.  Haves and have nots.  Lord helps us all.

14 thoughts on “So, … Concierge My A$$

  1. Ugh, that’s frustrating. I’m sure the insurance is mess for them. I know my PT had to merge with a larger operation because she couldn’t manage the insurance. It took me years to find a doctor I like. Unfortunately, she isn’t much younger than I am. Fortunately, she says doesn’t really want to retire.

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    1. I know they-re two sides and the insurance is a nightmare. I can’t expect her to be a martyr. Still disappointing because she was one of the good ones. My dermatologist will never retire. He is past 70 but you’d never know it. He swims competitively in the senior Olympics and is just an amazing person.

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  2. Sucky.
    My dr retired a few years ago. (I had seen him since I was ELEVEN.) I guess he didn’t want to work til he was 110 or whatever. It took a long, long time, several tries, lots of waiting for ‘new patient’ appointments, and trying them out, to find the new drs. I am extremely pleased with my new dr tho. I love her, my husband loves her. And, the one I picked for the girls is super young, so I feel like they’ll have a chance at having a long-time dr too. I sure hope you find a great new dr faster than I did.

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  3. Really? Wow, subscription based doctors. What happens if you need a hospital stay? Does the annual fee cover that too? Thank goodness I am out of working in an office now.

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  4. I finally found a doctor……….it only took me four years but by George, I’ve finally got one. Now here’s hoping she doesn’t go concierge before I can see her next month.

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  5. I think this is the worst thing to happen in healthcare for a long time. We have family members who have such a doctor. It makes me ill just hearing them talk about it. It is just another way to use financial privilege and as a result so many people suffer. Our daughter cannot even find a doctor even though she has fantastic insurance, because the waiting list is so long. It is a frightening time to get sick in America.

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    1. It sure is. And I had my appointment for February. If I start tomorrow I may find someone before then but more likely I won’t and then no meds. I’ll be like your daughter on a waiting list.

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