Will File This Under Did I Get Played?

Our wireless bill is re-don-ka-donk.  Made up word for ridiculous!  I chatted with Harry B and asked him if we could lower the bill.  He looked and said there is a new starter plan for $40 less a month than my present premium AND I will not lose any features.

What are the odds that the new plan is available today when I randomly check and have time to chat?

Hmmmm.  I took him up on his offer.  We shall see what the next statement looks like. Wish me luck.

As always, more to come.

6 thoughts on “Will File This Under Did I Get Played?

  1. I signed up for consumer cellular with an aarp discount. plan has everything i could ask for with 2 lines (one for me and one for George) under 30.00 a month. I never use data which has a limit….whatever that is, (George says he uses data, but I’ve never had to pay extra for whatever it is he is using) but have unlimited talk/text.

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    1. Data will get you for sure. We had to cut off the adult children. I do like unlimited talk and text though to avoid those pesky over charges.


  2. Hope it works for you. Ours is getting smaller as I took my mom and our house phone off of our plan. Moved the house phone to our cable company and mom moved in with my sister so she can take care of her phone bill.

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